Today isn't a good day for Capricorn. You'll have to experience tremendous difficulty regarding your love life. You have a lot to learn about regarding your family life and the demands of the weakest. Children and the elderly in your family might need you and your job might be taking up most of your day.

If you've only just started seeing someone, you'll have to pay attention to the messages your partner sends through gestures and looks.

Paying more attention to feelings will bring treasures that you couldn't dream of before.

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Anything regarding your career will be very important today. So much activity will make you feel exasperated.

You might not feel very happy. The way you address subordinates or co-workers can be somewhat aggressive if you get carried away by the bad positions of the Moon and Jupiter.

Being in a bad mood can rob you of a lot of your energy and take the strength you need to carry out the many tasks that await you today.

Paperwork and managing your finances can complicate your morning. You need to prevent these situations and organise your time very well.

The lucky number for today for the natives of your sign is 333. This number is magical and encourages you to count on your good vibes and your optimistic spirit to face everyday life. Problems are never big enough to cloud your confidence.


The stars show a tendency to suffer the return of some discomfort that you haven't paid enough attention in the past, so it hasn't healed properly. You're suffering from mild health problems or symptoms that you don't want to pay attention to today.