The Moon will be entering the area of the zodiac that corresponds to Virgo so it stimulates your sex life and encourages you to live more intensely every moment spent in the company of the person with whom you choose to share your life.

You won't want to miss this opportunity for anything in the world and although you have a lot to say, you'll shut up before dulling the peace and the wonderful energetic tone achieved by the position of the moon in a very good aspect with your Sun and Venus in Pisces will give you the opportunity of coping calmly and compassionately.

When Venus is in this water sign, the Capricorn natives benefit as they bathe in their loving and pleasant energy. The natural hardness of Capricorn dissolves showing their best side.

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Many opportunities could be happening in front of you without getting a glimpse of how to make the most of them. The distractions that appear at every step throughout the day could make you forget to answer emails or phone calls that are quite urgent.

If you work for someone else, you'll have to be careful to avoid making mistakes that will really hurt you. The problems you have with your boss and colleagues now will be problematic for a long time, so you need to be careful.

Those who have their own business or company can have more work and obligations, so they feel they have no time to breathe. Burdens and trouble will be a big part of your day, Capricorn. Many details will be a great concern.


You should be aware of your intestinal health, which requires a good diet. Adding fibre to your diet is essential if you want to avoid health problems, Capricorn. The good health of your intestine is related to how well you rest.