Capricorn horoscope prediction according to the stars. | Magic Horoscope


Although the stars show a bad predisposition of the moon and other planets regarding the sign of Capricorn, you shouldn't stop taking the astral energy and working with it in your favour.

You have to deal with issues regarding the order and hygiene of your daily life. You don't always want to talk about issues regarding your domestic life Capricorn. Your energy dissolves when you have to pay more attention to social aspects and you'd like to avoid dealing with the conflicts of domestic life by all means. But that's also part of love, Capricorn.

The weight of responsibilities falling on a single person just isn't fair, whether you're the one who benefits or is harmed by the situation. It's a good day to talk about the distribution of tasks, communicate and share views about the best way to live together.


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You can enjoy some progress at work. You'll get news or calls that compensate you regarding your emotions. Your daily effort is acknowledged and relationships at work feel more fluid or personal without the typical rigidity of a professional relationship. Take this opportunity to get closer to the people you interact with, both clients or co-workers.

The number that guides your day today is 303, a number that indicates the need to communicate more regularly with your interior and increase your spiritual life to improve your material life.


Take care of your digestive system; you might experience some swelling. Avoid foods that you know produce gas or constipation such as flours and dairy products today. Legumes can also irritate your stomach today. Chew well and eat slowly, paying attention and in a relaxed way to improve your digestion.