You'll enjoy a perfect Valentine's Day: you'll share romantic and very intimate moments. A special dinner, music and your elegance will be enough to keep the flame of passion alive with whom you definitely want to spend all your time.

The natives of the first position will live a day in which their erotic energy and vitality are very active. The vigorous Mars is very close to your sign and therefore, it begins to show signs of restlessness and desire that can be very disturbing.

Many natives can feel very frustrated if they don't have the attention of the person they like.

You might be interested in someone new and this destabilises your inner harmony, Capricorn.

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It's a perfect day for your material life thanks to the position of the stars.

Work flows without complications and the people around you will be in a pleasant and bearable mood.

The natives who work on their own will have the protection of the stars to achieve their weekly goals without problems. Your finances will be much easier and you'll experience a long-awaited relaxing time.

The number of fortune for the natives of your sign today is 10. This number tells you that you'll enjoy guaranteed success as long as you learn to read the signs around you. When something is sure to be negative you can see it from the beginning. Listen to your first impressions.


Today you'll receive very good influences regarding your health and energy. You'll feel like enjoying your day, Capricorn. You have plenty of energy to make all your plans go well.