The natives of Capricorn are experiencing a few intense days in which the astral positions bring many surprises in all areas of their lives. However, those related to affection and your love life are the ones that destabilise you the most because of your stern nature.

Many natives will find themselves facing the dilemma of starting a new period in their lives with changes that seem harmless and yet are expected to be profound.

The astrological relationship between Venus, Uranus and the Moon shows incredible novelties that although you've dreamt them in the past, they're here today and destiny pushes you to live them without fears or restrictions.

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There’s news about issues related to scholarships, sales abroad or places far from where you work. Work trips or training courses are on the horizon and seem very possible and positive for your long-term finances.

The natives of your sign tend to trust the positive sides of planning and seeing the future with all its possibilities. Your leadership skills will help you organise the details in your calendar for the rest of the week and although creativity in the face of the unknown or unexpected is not always what makes you feel comfortable, you can handle the unforeseen.

The number of fortune for the natives of your sign today is 25, which invites you to navigate the waters of life paying attention to the danger signs that may arise so that you don't have to defend yourself but you can simply make a detour around problems.


Today your health is well influenced by the stars that attract a feeling of inner fullness that benefits your mind and body. If you are in treatment, you'll feel that your efforts begin to work.