Magical Horoscope 7 | Magic Horoscope



From now on, things can start to change and you’ll be able to find an escape to the frustrations and complications you’ve had in the past regarding love.

When you’ve found yourself face to face with the issues that affect your emotional world, you’ve been terrified and you’ve escaped, so now you have to face your reality with absolute confidence. No matter the result, what matters is that you behave and show yourself just the way you are.

Evenings bring a touch of fun and recreation. Choose whatever you prefer, a good film or a board game.


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Astrological trends show a profound change that’s brewing in the lives of the natives of your sign. These changes could affect work or the ways in which you apply your knowledge. Don’t let fear make you go backwards.

The natives of this sign are strong and achieve great material structures so, Capricorn, shake that childish fear and vibrate with success and abundance energy.

You can do a simple ritual to gain confidence in yourself. Light an orange candle previously anointed with a few drops of olive oil, you have to do it at noon when the sun is high in the sky. Ask your guardian angels for help to strengthen your confidence and firmness.


The cosmic dynamic brings a lot of energy and vitality that you should make the most of to change your routines the ways you’re always dreaming about and for different reasons never actually do.

If you’re eager to start practising an oriental discipline, today is an excellent day. They are great vitality enhancers and can help you direct your mind and body energy in full.