Capricorn horoscope prediction according to the stars. | Magic Horoscope


You may feel very excited when planning new destinations for your relationship. The idea of changes in your life as a couple make you dream and be happy, which you'll enjoy throughout the day.

The natives of Capricorn are usually very aware of their responsibility and are committed to traditional ways.  That's why you'll want to protect your loved ones and make them happy.

Idealism regarding emotions can lead to confusion or idealising those who don't deserve it, Capricorn. Touch the ground with your feet and the sky with your hands.


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You may need to manage business or work space issues that involve other people. Your decisions and what you do today will affect the way some work, who'll believe that you aren't being fair or that they'll loose out thanks to your decisions.

Try not to be arrogant if you receive complaints. Good dialogue will help you preserve your relationships at work Capricorn.

If you're looking for a job, today's a perfect day to go to interviews as well as apply for important positions. It's a special day in which you can show everything you know without looking like a show-off.


Organise your spaces, clean your house, decorate your living room or find a way to expand your perspective outward. These are the things that will help with your health today.

You may feel out of breath or limited at ??home, which might make you feel bad when you try to rest.

Cleaning up spaces that are saturated with things or strong colours will help you sleep better, Capricorn. If you have dark curtains in your bedroom, maybe it's a good time to change them.

Soft and pale colours can make you feel that rooms are more spacious, which you need at home.