Enjoy the day. You rarely have as many astral benefits as now. But you have to take care of the intense feelings that Mars in a bad configuration with Venus brings.

You may feel like a brat, you don't tolerate that things aren't the way you want them and that's why you get angry. You have to learn to control your passions, which will feel stronger due to the astral movements.

If you live with your partner, you should try diverting tensions towards your sex life today. Forgetting everyday problems and differences will help you feel more united.

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Today is a somewhat complicated day regarding your finances since instead of saving, you'll feel inclined to spend more than you should.

You'll want to share your taste for elegance and the good life and therefore you'll spend quite a lot at restaurants and shops.

You'll feel the need to make gifts and improve the lifestyle of your loved ones, Capricorn. You could even apply for a loan for a significant sum of money.

Regarding work, today is a good day for presentations. The popularity of the natives of the second position will increase thanks to what they do and the contacts they make today.


You may find it difficult to associate your well-being with displays of affection but you'll discover that love, hugs and kisses make you feel healthier.

The need for human contact is something that Capricorn natives often forget.

Learning to receive the affection of your loved ones will help you live longer thanks to all the benefits they bring: from increasing your self-esteem to regulating your sleep patterns.