You're being blessed by the stars in your love life Aquarius. You look more sensual and attractive than ever and it'll be very easy to make those who interest you so much pay attention to you. But you shouldn't abuse this. Don't abuse the confidence of others by manipulating their will to get what you want without considering the others who are involved or people may find out and everything will collapse.

In the afternoon, the moon enters the sign of Libra and exposes you to some tension between what you consider fair and correct and what you want. Find the balance to get out of this situation so that you can take care of your relationships.

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The natives of Capricorn will enjoy great benefits from the stars. The moon in the area that corresponds to your career will support you with its halo of diplomacy and sensitivity, so you'll enjoy greater attention to detail.

There are a few days left before Mercury leaves your sign, so you have to take the most urgent steps to use the momentum and movement this energy attracts.

The lucky number for today for the natives of your sign is 41. This number guides you to trust that everything you need to achieve your ideal life is being aligned so that you find harmony to do your best for those around you.


Insomnia is an evil that afflicts many people today and the natives of the third position, in particular, won't be the exception. You're experiencing many changes, Capricorn.

If you're suffering from this annoying symptom, you'll have to modify some of your habits to overcome it.

There are numerous techniques you can try to sleep properly, Capricorn. Music can really help. The important thing is not to despair.