The way you communicate in general is usually somewhat dry Capricorn. You don't speak very much and you're not very warm when it comes to showing your feelings. You're prone to coldness. It's so hard for you to say what you feel that in the end, you're often alone because you don't open your heart. But this will be softened by the current planetary arrangement.

Today there are numerous planets in cardinal signs that propel people to show a more specific direction in their affairs in general. The presence of Mercury in your sign in good connection with Venus will help you show everything you have inside in a sweet and communicative way so you can make some of your dreams regarding love come true.

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Luck is on your side, Capricorn. After such a long time struggling, your affairs are going well and you almost don't believe it.

Have you perceived how easy everything is when you connect with your wisdom and allow the Universe to do its part?

Trying to control things is normal in the children of Saturn. Limits, the belief that a certain order is necessary and that magic isn't possible... However, life has been quite crazy lately and today you may have excellent news.

The fortune number for Capricorn natives for today is 36, which invites you to get carried away by a broader perspective regarding your work and finances. Use your intuition to become a good leader.


If you stop focusing on material matters and the complications of daily life, you'll discover the great power of communicating emotions about your mental and physical health. If you talk about your feelings you'll feel better in all aspects Capricorn.