Capricorn horoscope prediction according to the stars. | Magic Horoscope


You'll experience a tender day in which you'll connect with your feminine energy very well. You may need to express your feelings although irritability and rudeness may surprise you.

The influence of Mars is affecting the natives of the third position in particular so that they experience their sexuality strongly and at the same time, an unprecedented emotional intensity.

Capricorn, the alignment of the stars favours the natives of your sign regarding your love life and your relationship.

You'll be experiencing a very intense day that requires self-control to be helpful and collaborate with the foundations of your relationship. Whether you've just started seeing each other or trying to rekindle the spark of your marriage, it's very important that you contain your need for control, otherwise you may be aggressive or impolite.


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The surrounding energy helps you to become aware of the importance of social groups and the weight being part of a community has in your career.

You may have left your neighbourhood or city recently and you have been excited to change your address and start over.

Capricorn, you'll feel excited to get back in touch with people who know you from your origins and trust you and your ability to manage business and professional affairs.


The stars show you're particularly sensitive in the lower back. Some energy congestion in your stomach could lead to muscle tension and backaches. The natives of Capricorn usually load their tension in their bones. Your weaknesses are your back and your knees.  

It's time to learn to control those muscles, Capricorn. Stretching periodically and breathing deeply will help prevent these discomforts.