Mars continues its transit through the area of ​​the zodiac that represents your subconscious. There's much to elaborate on today if you want to get in touch with your soul. The past returns to remind you of those moments in which you've felt that the people you love most have been mean or haven't trusted you. This energy process is meaningful and necessary to clean your memories.

Your desires for emotional progress will be crucial so you can let go of everything that darkens your heart. The energy you vibrate now will come back to you in the future, Capricorn.

That's why you'll improve your emotional life when you manage to release every fibre of sadness or resentment that inhabits you. The transit of the Moon in the deep sign of Scorpio will help you vibrate your new ideals and leave fear behind to experience a new adventure in your love life.

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You'll be very happy with your achievements and you know that when you're happy, you shine and that attracts more opportunities and more abundance to your life.

Natives who are working on a new idea or project can rely on astrological transits as long as they remember the importance of moderation and not overestimating their possibilities.

You have to plan your budget contemplating a margin of error that covers unforeseen events.

For those natives who need to make changes or improve things at home, the stars warn you of the need to wait until you know what you want since you could spoil your finances if you get carried away with fashion impulses or influences.

Your classic style is what favours you the most, Capricorn.


Your health is optimal today. You'll feel stronger if you rest over the weekend. Treat yourself to something nice today, you really deserve it.