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The way you communicate with those with whom you spend your day this Monday will be sexier than what you're used to. If you're single, you'll be very attractive and will receive an amazing invitation today.

It won't be the classic reserved things you're used to, but a feline aspect that will manifest and expose the sensuality that only those who know you privately can enjoy.

Capricorn natives who have a partner can take this energy to fire up the passion in their relationship. Home routines and responsibilities often stifle the time you have to share with your partner. This not only exhausts you, but it deprives you of receiving the love you need to feel good.

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You'll support your co-workers or partners to achieve professional goals that were proposed long ago. You might be surprised at the goodwill of people you barely know and you've even considered hostile in the past.

You've changed a lot recently and this new cycle shows you new opportunities every day. Therefore, this Monday you have the feeling that everything is going well and that nothing can fail for you.

You're very likely to discover the value of optimism in each action. You discover a good mood is a very important part to achieve good results.

The fortune number for Capricorn natives for today is 181. This number indicates that when your thoughts are aligned with the will of your heart, positive results are just a matter of time.


The stars show a tendency to blood pressure problems for the natives of Capricorn. Control your salt intake, go for walks and see your doctor if you suspect something is wrong.