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Today you might fantasise about the possibility of having a secret affair.

Hiding relationships isn't your style Capricorn. For the natives of your sign, loneliness is preferable to trusting that concealments and lies are part of their love lives.

You're very committed and therefore you couldn't bear having to lead a double life or being someone's lover. But sometimes you face people who could lead you to a situation of this nature.

Think about what you're going to do very well, any step you take regarding hidden relationships can give you an adrenaline rush and then a period of worry and bitter moments.


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You're proving to be very reliable. Becoming a good supplier may have become your only goal in recent times. However, you shouldn't neglect other aspects of your professional life such as inventiveness and encouragement.

You'll be interested in doing your work as well as you can and this way you'll achieve your goals sooner than you thought, Capricorn.

The natives who are looking for a new job will have to wait for a better time for this to happen. You can invest your time in applying for several positions. Don't lose confidence.


The stars show that today, you can continue to rely on the successful routines that have helped you improve your health in the past.

Good habits such as practising sports, walking or jogging and even dancing have great results that you can see reflected in your body and also in your mood. Share these activities with your friends to make them more entertaining.

Starting a diet that benefits you and is rich in fibre and low in saturated fat will free your arteries from bad cholesterol and benefit your intestinal health.