Capricorn horoscope prediction according to the stars. | Magic Horoscope


The way you communicate with your partner is refined and becomes a subtle and gentle caress for the soul. You'll receive the love and understanding of your partner and they're likely to collaborate with you in matters related to business and your career.

What you've given comes back to you with emphasis and it's important that you start this last month with the energy of a more hopeful vision.

Single natives will experience love today that they won't easily forget. It may not be the love of your life, Capricorn, but they're certainly very special.

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Uranus will bring transcendent changes for Capricorn natives in the business area. You may discover that your creativity when negotiating is more important than ever.

Today you might have to stop being so solemn and do innovative things at work that baffle those who work at your side.

A good idea will guarantee you a leadership position among your colleagues.

The fortune number of those born under the sign of Capricorn for today is 86. This number invites you to provide a spiritual perspective to thoughts about money and thus let go of all worry and fear. If you raise your conscience and trust your personal power, you'll see new paths open for your professional life.


The stars show a tendency to ankle swelling and fluid retention today.

You may need to reduce your salt intake and drink water with lemon juice, nettle tea or green tea and use parsley in your meals. But to avoid this discomfort, you should activate your physical energy by walking, running, cycling, dancing or taking yoga classes. It all helps to drain your body fluids.