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You can experience a difficult day regarding love and your emotions Capricorn. Your feelings will be hurt by the sour words of someone who's close to you. You'll go back to times of pain and sadness. Grief could make you forget the positive and valuable things you have in your life now.

You or your partner may have been behaving in a manipulative way and this has been a cause for discord or distance.

It's not a good time to decide anything Capricorn, even if you want to escape from this situation, you should protect yourself in silence and calm. This way you won't make the situation worse and you can let your feelings relax.

If you're single, you could argue with a former partner or friend, which could disturb your day.

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Avoid changes at work. You shouldn't plan transfers either. Wanting something isn't enough and you know it Capricorn.

The boredom of everyday life could make you argue with your team-mates or boss and therefore drag you into an unstable negative situation.

Money doesn't buy happiness, although sometimes you want this popular saying to be a lie. You know that if you spend your money on superfluous things that you don't need you'll continue to have the same concerns and the sadness you feel won't go away.

The number of fortune for the natives of Capricorn for today is 27. In angelic numerology, this number refers to knowing how to receive the protection of your guides. Closing yourself to bad temper is something you should do so better things can come to you.


If you feel anger or frustration, you should calm down. These feelings can harm your health and cause you to lose energy Capricorn.

The fatigue a negative state of mind generates is greater than you imagine. Your cells and organs react to your mental discomfort. Think positive.