Capricorn Horoscope
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Your bad mood will be constant this Friday. You may have to realise that you're being unpleasant and that makes others react badly.

It'll be very difficult for you to find a balance between what you know is right and your reactions. You have to deal with an emotional load that you won't find easy to carry.

Your partner doesn't have to tolerate these despotic answers, Capricorn. Apologising is the best way to make things better. Being humble will help you start the weekend in peace.

If you're single, be careful. You could spoil a relationship that hasn't even begun.


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Capricorn, your tendency to be polite and impeccable in your public life favours you today. You'll be showing your best face and attitude towards bosses or clients.

Today you'll know exactly what you need to do to achieve your goals thanks to your intuition or instinct, which leads you to say the right words and interpret what the other needs of you.

You have the energy to manage a workgroup or team and lead them to success. Be careful with your attitude so your team members are fully cooperative.

Your guide number for today is 4, which drives you to be a great creator, to master things to help your friends and family understand that material abundance can also be spiritual and that money can be used to help others.


There's an astral predisposition to problems with your airways. You may be exposed to allergenic agents and suffer from allergic rhinitis or nasal discomfort.

When your defences are weaker, you're more likely to suffer from environmental allergy. Pollen, household dust and chemical solvents can harm you and make you have a bad day. Rest and have good quality food to feel good, Capricorn.