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You can prepare for a very sensual weekend. You'll spend a lot of time in bed. Venus is approaching Jupiter in your area of secret affairs and that's why you may have to hide and get ready to enjoy sex and intimacy as you rarely let yourself.

For many months, you've been putting your family and work obligations ahead of your own needs and you've abandoned love.

Capricorn, if you don't pay attention to your sexual and romantic affairs, the fire will go out and you'll regret being so mean to yourself.

Both married and single people will have to look in the mirror and acknowledge how much they need these moments of intimacy to be well.


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You're likely to find out who or what it was that drained your energy and undermined your work today.

You'll enjoy some time in silence that will attract as if by magic, the answers to many questions regarding the boycott or delays in your work affairs that you're experiencing.

The worst thing about being betrayed is to discover the awkwardness of not seeing the signs clearly and today you have a lot of intuitive information at your service to detect where you haven't been able to or didn't want to see the truth of an issue that has just brought damages and delays.

Organise your ideas and don't let the anguish or disappointment invade you more than it should. The past belongs in the past, Capricorn.

Manage your finances with intelligence and expect good results.


If you're in medical treatment, expect the results to be delayed or the sign that you're on the right path not to arrive when you thought it should.

You should keep in mind that your health depends largely on your mood and the way you spend each day.

Health isn't easy if you live in a state of tension and worry, Capricorn.