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Getting in touch with your emotions and your feelings has given good results and that's why you feel more comfortable in your relationships.

This Sunday you'll be willing to discover your motivations. An encounter with a group of friends or family members brings to mind issues that you had forgotten. Anecdotes and tender memories will connect you with your inner child.

You may notice that something from the past may give rise to situations in the present such as anger or discomfort towards the people you surround yourself with on a daily basis.

Your relationship is where you most often show your vulnerability, Capricorn, so you should try to trust your feelings and your fears instead of reacting defensively.

If you're single and you're getting to know someone, you shouldn't try to look strong all the time. Sincere love comes into your life today.


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New options come to mind regarding your career. You're open to making some changes and you'll know how to appreciate the advice of one your closest friends who'll make you open your eyes, even though they don't always know how to get their point across in the most patient or nice way.

You're so responsible that you tend to fear the risks of any change Capricorn, but it is a good time to let go of anything that is no longer useful in your life. Practising detachment is a necessary trend that Pluto is demanding from the natives of your sign for a long time now.

Have you already understood the hard lesson that the god of the Underworld tried to teach you? Have you left the dead leaves of your tree of life behind?

Prepare yourself for a spectacular change. Take note of your wishes, organise your road map and gather your strength for an intense new path.


You feel very good and you have a lot of energy this Sunday. News will make you feel alert.