Capricorn horoscope prediction according to the stars. | Magic Horoscope


The natives of the first position can take a step forward in everything regarding love and relationships.

You shouldn't fear changes, Capricorn. The commitments and weddings that are organised today will be happy occasions for others and will have an important permanence in your life.

Venus in your sign guarantees that every step you take regarding your emotions will be a safe one and supports the natives of your sign to avoid falling into a state of confusion or reverie.

If you were in a relationship that didn't seem to be real, you'll see it clearly and you'll be able to leave it easily.

If you're single, don't stay at home. Love is very close and it's time for you to find it face to face.


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The moon in a friendly position with Mercury will help you evaluate the usefulness of staying in a job or company that doesn't really guarantee its profitability. Use your intuition to solve the riddle that may arise.

All the financial matters you have to take care of this Monday may suffer a surprising turn that destabilises you.

You shouldn't get angry. Try to be more flexible when facing changes, Capricorn.

A surprise trip with colleagues or your partner that entails an unexpected expense might come up. The good thing is that it'll be very helpful. It'll open the doors to new ideas or ways of doing business.


If you're having a bad time when it comes to your health, you'll receive good news, Capricorn. You will recover well-being thanks to the planetary effluvia, but you have to do a lot on your part when it comes to your attitude.

Capricorn, remember that well-being isn't possible if you're in a bad mood and your thoughts are negative. Try to focus your attention on good things, on your virtues and on the blessings that life has given you so far.