Capricorn horoscope prediction according to the stars. | Magic Horoscope


The moon in conjunction with the South Node of karma can lead you to think too much about what you've lost, rather than allowing yourself to enter the future with joy. You may evaluate material or work issues and compare them against your family or love life and how much you have had to give to your loved ones, which has led you to miss out on opportunities.

Do you really want to view your personal life like this? It's time to change your paradigm, Capricorn. Appreciating love over money will be your salvation since you've seen how little work gives you when you get home on Friday nights. You shouldn't keep those old habits.

Tell your loved ones how much you love them and you'll feel great.

On the other hand, your sex appeal is incredible. You'll feel very sexy, Capricorn.

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The natives of the first position are the successful stars today and will be the ones who benefit the most from the astral aspects today.

Business, sales and material benefits won't be difficult for you, Capricorn.

Everyone looks at you and not always kindly when you're in the spotlight. You're likely to attract your enemies and the poison of envy might start going around at work.

Buying clothing, jewellery, make-up and other items related to aesthetics and beauty are favoured. But be careful with expenses, your card has limits and you won't want to commit to paying too many instalments in the future.


Find the balance between enjoyment and rest Capricorn. You've had a very interesting week in which there have been many novelties and fun and you need to dedicate a moment of the day to organise your ideas, rest and empty your mind of thoughts.