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You have to learn to detect when it's time to step back from a situation that disturbs or hurts you Capricorn. Loads can't be carried forever. You need to stop and evaluate if the effort you're making makes sense and today is the right time.

It isn't all up to you. There's a part that has to be done by your partner. If you don't put a little effort, you won't achieve any of the results you want. Relationships are built by two people Capricorn, that's why you can't achieve everything you want.

If you're single, the stars show that if you apply cunning and don't get carried away by your natural impulse to control everything, you'll get the love you so desire. But you have to wait for the situation to clear up without forcing it.


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It's a day of great pressure when it comes to your finances. You have to face an expense you weren't expecting and you don't have enough money. You might also be facing a challenge in which you have to prove what you have and you don't feel skilled enough.

If you're looking for a job, you may have difficulties at an interview. Be safe without being arrogant and wait. Today you may have to face delays and complications.

The number of the fortune for the natives of your sign today is 91. This number brings you to the awareness that changes can be favourable if you receive them with joy and hope. Fear of new things attracts problems. Opening yourself to the future will take you to a new cycle.


Many of the aches or symptoms you suffer today are the result of stress and mental fatigue. You're worried about several things and your body is trying to tell you Capricorn. You need to look for calm in the midst of storms. Find a space for inner peace where you can take refuge for a few moments every day.