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During the first hours of the day, the moon ends its cycle in your sign and invites you to connect with your emotions and tenderness.

You're one of those who tend to close up when you should be showing what you feel Capricorn but this Sunday you should take off the armour and leave the weapons aside to show your emotions and share them. Do it for yourself and for those you live with. They'll thank you even if it's not with words. It'll be very nice and you can show how much you love them.

The sky shows very positive alignments today. For those who are in a relationship, a new and more stable cycle arrives in which everything you've built around your partner makes sense. If you're dating someone you could lay the groundwork for your marriage and if you're single you could be very close to meeting that person with whom you can share your life.

Don't forget the importance of spending a few hours with your family. You can always benefit from the love they give you.


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It's a perfect day to devote to home improvement. The search for greater comfort at home is something that will give you a better lifestyle and that will favour your intellectual and physical performance.

You can start to take into account some criteria for decoration such as chromotherapy, which consists of decorating or lighting with different colours according to what you need. For example, blue favours relaxation and rest. Therefore, if you place blue objects in your bedroom you'll feel more rested when you wake up.


You feel good and this is a reason to be grateful. Remember that your health and well-being are gifts that life gives you, so think how lucky you are every morning, Capricorn.