Capricorn horoscope prediction according to the stars. | Magic Horoscope


The Moon joins Neptune in a good cosmic position along with all the dreams and desires you imagined could be part of your life. Fantasies find a window of opportunity to come to life.

Emotions are more subtle and soft and you agree to understand what your partner or your loved ones have to tell you without too many words.

You are beginning a cycle of evolution in which telepathy is possible. You even see the possibility of communicating beyond space and time with your loved ones. You'll fall in love in a magical way. Platonic love is a great possibility today.

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Today is an excellent day to project your dreams and ideas, Capricorn. If you're part of a workgroup you can guide and lead your teammates with a great sense of justice and always generating enthusiasm. A project can be completed successfully. You'll be reaping some of the rewards for past efforts today.

Regarding your finances, looking after every penny will help you to be protected against the threats of a somewhat complex general financial situation. Don't spend more, save every penny, when you know more about the investment possibilities you may have access to, you can make a lot of money.

Your lucky number for today is 69, which tells you that the more you cultivate your dreams, the better your material situation will be. Your life is more synchronised when you follow the path your heart chooses.


The sky shows that your health will be good in general.

You're in danger of trusting your strength too much and trying to use all of your energy at once, with the consequent exhaustion and fatigue that brings. If you're sick, you'll recover quite well and fast Capricorn.