Capricorn Horoscope Wednesday
Your Capricorn Horoscope for Wednesday | Magic Horoscope


Thanks to the current position of the stars, the natives of Capricorn will receive the blessings of the moon, especially the natives of the third position.

Displays of affection within your relationship will include going out for dinner, walks along the beach or the shore of a beautiful and placid lake. All those who awaken your sensibility will be providing their energy for your good and your partner’s.

Astral effluvia will give the natives of your sign simplicity and sweetness that’s uncommon for the children of Saturn.

There’s no kinder and effective situation for you in things related to feelings.



Jupiter continues to give the natives of Capricorn good news, which translated into different things. Incredible offers you cant miss, new jobs, possible businesses and material opportunities of all kinds could come up.

You might be expecting to be promoted to a position of greater responsibility and that’s why you should moderate your reactions. The planet of abundance also makes you have an exaggerated way of communicating. So you could deteriorate a professional relationship and something like that would be fatal Capricorn.

The number of fortune for today is 2010, which asks you to pay special attention to communication, the way you show what you know and you communicate. It also indicates a good time to earn money and to invest.


Many people believe that being at home is only a bad thing, but for you Capricorn, its an excellent time to take care of your most intimate needs. You’ll learn more about yourself if you have a space of daily silence in which no one talks or asks you for attention. You’ll avoid being interrupted in your thoughts and you’ll have an inner calm.