Capricorn horoscope prediction according to the stars. | Magic Horoscope


When Venus joins the South Node, also called Dragon's Tail, in your sign, your love life can get a little complicated.

You'll experience interferences in your relationship for no reason. These interfering people might not mean to harm you, but jealousy and envy come back to disturb your present.

Lack of understanding and issues that haven't been solved in the past are back on the table and need attention. Those who are in a relationship will see that an issue they thought was part of the past comes back.

Single natives will face an ex. Saying everything you think can bring more conflicts than solutions, Capricorn.

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If you have to choose ways of investing, today isn't the best day to do it. The ideal ways you see as a possibility of profit today will leave you penniless.

There are certain businesses that are no longer what you imagine and if you insist on following your whims, you could suffer dire consequences.

If you're looking for a job, now isn't the best day to find one. You could think you have more possibilities than you actually do and show an arrogant attitude that won't favour you. Remember that there's no better cover letter than your good sense and sobriety. Your shyness could be seen as something else. Pride turns out to be an ominous mask for relationships, especially when it comes to applying for a job.


Today you have to be careful with your physical weakness. Natives who suffer from bone or joint problems should take special care when bending down or lifting heavy objects. The same goes if they do physical activity. They can get hurt if they aren't careful warming up their muscles before training.