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Perhaps you aren't making the necessary efforts so that you and your partner understand each other. The force of habit is dragging you into a malicious and not at all pleasant routine, Capricorn.

Perhaps you haven't learnt that there is little you can do for each other. You're barely able to change some of your bad habits and your tendencies and you ignore what's important. If you lose yourself in trivialities, you'll see that your relationship falls apart in front of your eyes and you won't be able to solve the real conflicts.

If you're single, your perfectionist spirit won't allow you to flow with the love your heart feels today. Being attached to formalities and an idea of ??what your partner should be is very negative at the moment.

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You may achieve your goals. You feel you're on the right path to do so, so you enjoy a certain amount of confidence and trust from those around you that favours everything you do. But you should check if there's still something you have to do before you finish at work.

Overconfidence and excessive personal pride can result in the loss of certain benefits Capricorn.

You may face a problem regarding time. Your progress might be slow and difficult.

Don't worry too much about the final result since it isn't time yet to reap your rewards. Now you have to make sure that your seeds have been fertilised and watered to grow strong.

If you're currently looking for a job, you probably won't receive any news today. Send the emails you think you should and apply for the positions you find most interesting.


Your neck may show signs of tension. Bad postures will be bothering you again Capricorn. Make sure you consciously correct them a few times a day to relieve the pain.