Capricorn, your birthday is this month and the rewards heaven brings to the natives of your sign are numerous.

When Venus is in your area of possessions your bodily joy flows peacefully and you can dispose of your desire and your understanding of your physical needs with more joy. You'll realise that you need much more physical contact to manifest your feelings, Capricorn.

Of all the signs, you're one of those more distant and cold ones, in particular when relationships begin. It's difficult for you to show what you feel and you're very reserved with your emotions, that's why this astral presence you experience these days will help to open a new horizon for you.

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You're influenced by the moon in Gemini that drives you to improve and refine everything regarding work and service. Today you'll experience a much more pleasant day at work and you can count on excellent energy around you.

The people who work with you will be vibrating with similar energy and you may have to address issues that deserve your full attention to help someone who doesn't know how to do their work.

You'll be the hero this day Tuesday. As for money, it's a positive day since you'll get good news.

The fortune number for today is 21, a number that's associated with the change that brings positive vibes. This number promotes trips, changes and improvements at home. It helps you to be sociable and to show your best gifts for material life.


You feel very good but you should take care of colds and constipation since there's an astrological trend that attracts these problems for the natives of your sign. If you feel like it, you can use medicinal herbs such as borage to keep healthy today.