Capricorn horoscope prediction according to the stars. | Magic Horoscope


The stars ask you to be calm and patient, to wait before acting motivated by fatigue, Capricorn.

Your relationship is subject to too much rational analysis and you don't leave room for love, pampering and cuddling.

You may be going through a relationship crisis that makes you believe that everything is over rather than evolving. You can't find a way to break a circle of differences and criticism, so Magic Horoscope invites you to let yourself get carried away by your heart and leave your mind out of this matter.

If you try to repair your relationship with your mind, you may always be missing a piece to solve the puzzle Capricorn.

If you're single, the stars encourage you to meet people who are in a relationship. You may have to compete to achieve what you want.


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It's a complex day when it comes to money. You'll be struggling with significant expenses that cause some imbalance in your finances. Reconciling your bank account with payment demands won't be easy and you may have to think about requesting paying in installments.

The natives of your sign don't usually suffer regarding material matters. You're one of the most predictable signs of the Zodiac so you always calculate your expenses very well and avoid getting into financial problems. But you've recently failed regarding your finances so you could be experiencing days of bitterness or worry Capricorn.

Return to your disciplined attitude and you'll achieve the peace that you so long for.


Concern and anxiety affect your health and lead you to feel very tired and uncomfortable.

If you're sick, today's a good day to take a break and recover your will to fight. You shouldn't be giving up. On the contrary, you have to find the strength to take care of yourself more.