Time flies when you connect with someone at a very deep level.Capricorn, there are many aspects regarding love and physical attraction is one of them.

When you discover how important this side of a relationship is, you allow yourself to doubt many situations that you considered normal. You'll experience long moments loneliness and silence in your heart. You'll feel condemned to the harshness of everyday life.

It might be a very unstable moment for you. You suffer the distance of someone you love very much but with whom you have a complex relationship that does you more harm than good. Don't be sad, the pain will soon pass and you'll see the benefits of this absence.

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It's a fantastic day to decorate your home. Get rid of old things and find a home for everything. By the time the weekends comes, many people of your sign see that chaos has started to reign over their house. Because there's not much time left to devote to household tasks when you need to invest so much energy in other areas of your life.

You may discover that you're neglecting some family treasures. You need to transform this problem into a spiritual exercise in which you find new uses for things that seem to serve no purpose at all.

Some natives will find themselves dealing with issues that seem quite interesting to other family members. You'll feel very well taking care of your loved ones today.


Your health is good in general, but if you work too hard there might be consequences. Tension, sprains and muscle aches are common with the position of the stars today.