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Although you may feel somewhat irritable, the energy of the moon entering the sign of Aries will give you the strength and passion to find a creative outlet for the distance you feel with your partner.

Today is a perfect day for a passionate date.

The most appropriate words will reach your mouth when you want to communicate your feelings. You're very reserved in general and you find communicating difficult when it comes to love and matters of the heart, but the stars today give you a particular capacity for communication.

Capricorn natives who are single will be very seductive and daring tonight. You can approach whoever you want without feeling fear of rejection or reluctance. Today you're feeling sexy and you have all the weapons you need to go for what you want.


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At work, you may spend the day fighting with a manipulative person who makes you feel useful with their arguments but actually abuses your confidence. False compliments can confuse you and lead you to do the work of others in an effort to feel appreciated.

Be careful with your self-esteem, Capricorn. You've suffered hard blows so you could be feeling quite weak.

If you are a freelancer, you may be missing an important detail regarding your tax. Pay attention to deadlines and new legislation, seek advice from an experienced accountant.


You'll feel very energised today. Strength and energy are restored. But you're in danger of the anger you feel and don't communicate becoming a liver problem or an annoying migraine.

Don't hold a grudge, your soul asks for more peace to face problems. You need to learn to talk and show what you feel.