Your sensuality will be more alive than ever. The natives of the third position will be able to enjoy a very intense day in which they'll experience intimate encounters with love.

Many will be very happy to make up with their partners and others will begin to experience an incredible love story that will help them heal certain wounds of the past.

You have memories of difficulty and distance and you have to protect yourself from repeating your negative stories. Life has changed for the natives of your sign. A dark cycle ends and gives rise to a new manifestation.

Romanticism occupies a preponderant space in your life today.

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Don't think that because you have a day off you can escape your material responsibilities. Some natives will have to devote part of their day to work.

Those who are starting a new project know that they should address this issue as if they were taking care of a newborn baby. Carelessness won't be something you can permit and rest is something you should postpone until you start to manage everything a bit better.

The lucky number for today for the natives of your sign is 120. This number urges you to contemplate everything that happens in your life as a coherent movement that shapes your destiny. Every step you take helps you flourish. You're part of everything and you deserve abundance.


The stars show a tendency to poor blood flow. Your emotions and the events in your life could lead you to a state of excitement that affects your blood pressure.

Get enough rest to help equilibrate your system, Capricorn.