The natives of the first position will spend a very special day. You may have to face certain bad moods at home from someone who you're very emotionally close to. Today emotions will be very intense. You'll be at a crossroads that could be the precedent to a crisis in your relationship.

You shouldn't take this situation too seriously. To achieve a real change you need to change the way you communicate with your partner. Otherwise, Capricorn, the current planetary energy will leave ashes of love and problems that will be difficult to overcome regarding other matters that keep you tied up.

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A wave of familiarity will come over your career. You can count on having wonderful moments in which understanding and camaraderie take over at work.

You can collaborate with your colleagues with love and without competing and this brings you closer to better team-driven results, Capricorn.

There's a strong lesson for the natives of your sign around this full moon that's about to come. Being part of a team or family requires more humility and collaboration to go further down the path of abundance and success.

Reading stories about successful communities can help you understand this concept and assimilate some of the changes that are necessary on your part.


The well-being of your body is a reflection of the integration of everyday habits and emotions, Capricorn. Today you're likely to go through some discomfort regarding your digestive system.

Swelling and slow digestion are characteristic of the planetary transits observed today for the natives of your sign.

Eat light dishes and avoid fried things, nuts and fatty foods. Salas and a good homemade broth will help you feel good today.