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Capricorn Magic Horoscope Astral Prediction for 3rd August

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There are many treasures that you anxiously desire. In a way, the idea of possessing a person isn't something that's just crossed your mind for the first time.

It's true that you can't help but control the people that you love: there's a part of you that says that it's your way of taking care of them and watching out for them.

The fact that this overwhelms them isn't new either, especially when it comes to people with strong personalities that aren't willing to 'submit' to you.

That's the way it is, you could be trying to focus your efforts on caring for one of your family members, like one of your children.

The father-son or mother-daughter relationship shouldn't be interpreted in this manner either, Capricorn. You have to change your attitude and, if you still haven't realized this, today your attention may be called to this. 


There are several excellent opportunities that you have saved in your agendas and notebooks but that you've never really made the most of.

The time has come to reach out to your contacts and start thinking of potential clients that could be interested in contracting your services and even, some old colleagues that actively participate in your field to help you get started.

When you're thinking about starting a project as big as yours is, the reality is that you need more than one person to get things rolling. Otherwise, your services could end up being limited, and this is something that could lead you to failure.


The people that you have by your side will be in charge of giving you all of the stability that you need. If you want to know if you're in good shape and confirm your new worry-free attitude, getting positive feedback from someone in your environment will be exactly what you need.

Sometimes we just need the approval of others to feel even more sure of ourselves and that we're doing the right thing.

In an ideal world, other people's opinions wouldn't be so important and everyone would be capable of being confident in their own decisions. However, in reality, you've got to recognize that getting someone's approval is necessary to a certain extent.