Capricorn Daily Horoscope |




This month begins with a tone that pleases you, a Monday the first. You like order and structures, but this is a somewhat messy day. You want to hear from your partner and to share all your ideas and news and they just won’t be around like you want them to.

Even if you want to change the rules of the game, the moves you make will be in vain. Don’t try to get closer because you could achieve the opposite effect.

Is it hard for you to ignore the steps they take or what they do for one day? Today you’ll have to focus your attention on yourself, on your own affairs, establishing your priorities, a touch of egocentricity will feel great.


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You get excellent news that inspires you since they’ll give you the chance to put your financial affairs in order. It could be a new second job that you can do remotely; an online or part-time job. The effort could be worth it Capricorn if you can settle the debts you’ve had for a long time with this extra money.

Don’t be suspicious of colleagues in the office or workplace if you want to maintain harmony. Your mental energy will be very strong and your thoughts will be exposed. Even if you don’t believe it, your eyes radiate that feeling that nobody wants to be the target of. Try to keep your mind in a neutral and blank state and it’ll make your relationships easier.


Your health is good since you’ve been resting and eating in a balanced way. You have an excellent Monday ahead, you’ll have more desire than other times to go to the gym. If you can share the activity with friends, it would be much better since you’re in need of a good conversation with someone you trust. Life isn’t just about working. Friendship must be present for a healthy and harmonious life.

Call your friends, don’t feel bad about needing company. They’ll be glad you called.