Capricorn Daily Horoscope for February 1

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The Moon is positioned in Capricorn today, which softens your character and allows you to have a more mature grasp of your reactions. Decisions made today will affect the rest of the week, and you will find yourself staying up at night evaluating your deepest feelings. 

Communicate your emotions to someone who is curious about what to expect from you. You can't keep hiding your heart behind your ideas; things are not always perfect. 

You need to start a new path of detoxing your heart, allowing love to vibrate within you, and understand why you act the way you do. 

Each step taken towards a calmer emotional state will translate into conjugal joy further down the line. 



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Capricorns will be lucky today as they'll experience something they very rarely do - gambling and winning. 

You'll try and stifle your impulses to bet and you'll reprimand yourself for wanting to do so. You hate spending money on frivolous things, especially gambling. 

A witty and seductive person has distracted you, however, and is taking you down on what you consider to be more than a dangerous route. 

Imagine what would happen if you would let yourself go and indulge in the games. If you exercise your typical moderation, nothing wrong could ever happen. 

Letting go once in a while could bring you closer to the abundance you've always wanted. 


Today you will feel happy and luminous, and you could make the most of this energy and enjoy a spa session or consult a hairdresser that will help you change your look. 

Enjoying a beauty treatment will not make you vain. A manicure, a facial, or a message could be incredibly relaxing and satisfying.