Capricorn Daily Horoscope |




You start the week with a carefree spirit. The moon in your area of romance awakens your desire for games and flirting. Social media are a tool that you could use to contact the person you like so much.You can be subtle and at the same time provocative and get their attention if you want. The positions of the stars are in your favour.

Words, photographs, and songs are good ways of showing or insinuating your feelings.

If you’re experiencing a stable relationship, remember that a word, a note on the fridge, a flower or chocolates are all gestures that help keep love burning strong. Show your affection with a gesture Capricorn.

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You experience a moment of change that you have the opportunity to make the most of. You could be one step away from making a leap in your finances. There are possibilities in your horizon of having a job doing a task that doesn’t end up being to your liking or with which your vocation isn’t compatible but that would give you the possibility of earning more money.

If you feel you need help from the elements you can look for a stone talisman. Semiprecious stones are objects that are filled with great energy help that you shouldn’t underestimate. The positive charge of citrine quartz is very compatible with financial matters. Citrine quartz is magical and attracts fortune and money as well as dispels fears.


Your health is directly related to the way you feel emotionally. That’s why today you have a very pleasant day since you start the week hoping to improve many of the areas of your life. The optimism you’ll be endowed with today is contagious, you can help those around you to see life through more positive eyes.