Capricorn Daily Horoscope for May 1

Your Horoscope for Wednesday
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The astral configurations stand out for the natives of your sign today. They bring a special light to your love life. These days bring happiness and sensuality.

You’ve been feeling an intimate and loving warmth in the middle of your chest for a few days now. It’s not usual for you to melt when someone looks you in the eye, but this person moves the ground under your feet and makes you lose your mind.

Don’t be afraid of rejection because if you are patient, you’ll see that you’ll end up getting what you want so much.

If you have a partner, you shouldn’t risk what you have for a passing crush. Even if you imagine a great relationship, keep in mind that you could lose much more than love.


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Jupiter in the area of your subconscious unites you with the beauty of abundance in the world. You have a lot to work on regarding faith and the philosophy of Providence.

Make the most of today and rest as there will soon be days when you have to be really busy to get done certain procedures regarding houses or properties. You are very capable of managing and organising financial and legal matters.

The lucky number for the natives of your sign is 17. This number indicates illumination, good ideas, dreams about the best future and blessings. You can meditate about this number and let yourself be guided by it to improve your abundance.


You may suffer some pain in your neck or jaw. The area of the head and neck are particularly affected by the planetary transits that show sensitivity in this area for the natives of your sign. Headaches and neuralgia are part of this planetary alignment in Aries.

Beware of the massages offered by inexperienced hands. They could harm you more than help you.