Magic Horoscope Capricorn
Capricorn Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope


Venus is in Libra and that isn’t favourable for the natives of your sign, Capricorn.

You may feel some discomfort or unease today. You could go through a period in which you feel misunderstood or that others don't interpret what you want to communicate properly. You may want to be kind and others think you’re being ironic.

If you’re single, you could live a passionate but short-lived relationship and that’s something that tends to destabilise you emotionally or make you very sad.

You’re one of those who take their time to show their most sensitive and tender side and separations aren’t your forte. You would like to stay together no matter what, but today you won’t be able to to obtain good results.


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You’ll discover a hidden treasure Capricorn. You receive news regarding a legal issue that you thought was going to favour you. You’ll find out about a secret for abundance today. Don’t share it with anyone until you make sure.

You could find yourself at a crossroads. A new job will offer you the temptation to lose what you’ve built lately. If you have an interview, trust your good luck and the stars will help to enhance your charisma and demonstrate your intelligence. You’ll achieve what you really desire.


The stars invite you to investigate how the order of your home relates to your internal order. Recognising the importance of these relationships can bring much well-being to your life. You don’t like mess or dirt, but your fast-paced life often pushes you to leave your stuff everywhere. You find your coats on chairs and other objects out of place. Devote part of your time today to tidying up your home. You’ll rest much better.