Capricorn Daily Horoscope for September 1

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The stars show how important a person with whom you have a relationship of love and harmony is. They may require your care today.

Life will put you to the test, Capricorn, it’s about demonstrating how much you can give in situations that you disagree with. The way you behave will change the relationship.

Today you would have preferred to go out for a walk or live an adventure but perhaps that isn’t possible and you-ll have to adapt to what other people prioritise.

Family life asks you to sacrifice something you want for the common good. Once you go through it you’ll feel very good with your act of generosity.

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It’s likely that the natives of your sign recover something they had lost or lent today. You no longer counted on it, Capricorn, you had even forgotten and therefore you’ll feel enormous satisfaction.

True friendships show in moments of conflict or want. You’ll give everything you have to help that friend who needs you today. Don’t miss that appointment, they count on you to add to a cause that asks for all your generosity.

Capricorn, you’ll witness that everything you give returns multiplied.


Magic Horoscope records a lot of movement in your area of the Zodiac referring to losses and profound changes. If your body is showing certain difficulties adapting to a new stage of life, you may feel sadness in your heart and therefore a headache and other unpleasant body sensations could be part of your day today. It’s best that you communicate and share this pain with someone you can trust. Don’t keep that feeling, you’ll be relieved when you can show how you feel inside.