Capricorn Daily Horoscope |




If you’re one of the natives who are still single, favourable news is coming your way. A day full of joy and pleasant moments of meeting people you haven’t seen in a while. Catch up, chat and remember old times.

But don’t get impatient and let your partner have their own space. You could be pressing for a result or an answer to come quicker than it can and that can result in the opposite of what you want.

You often frighten people with your somewhat authoritarian way of asking for answers or actions. Not everyone thinks the same as you and everyone does things their own way. If you relax, you’ll have what you want.


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If you end up buying or finding something that you think isn’t useful, don’t worry, in a few days, you’ll know what that object is for in your life.

Maybe it’s the kick-start of an abundant project Capricorn. Today there are positive planetary aspects for your finances that you shouldn’t miss.

If you feel that everything is going wrong, don’t be discouraged. If you need support, seek assistance through a ritual for abundance. There are many ways to open the flow of the Universe for you. Remember that abundance is found in nature, you only need to look at the corn or sunflower seeds. Get a picture of this flower and place it so you can see it regularly. It’ll help you integrate abundance into your mind.


If you’re suffering from pain in the joints, spine or bones, today you receive a positive influence from the stars. The alignments will help you recover faster.  Remember not to make efforts and use some cream or ointment containing arnica and camphor. They are powerful natural elements that help you and help to reduce swelling.