Capricorn Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope


Venus Star Point makes today a very special day. Each person you meet will be vibrating the harmony and joy of this energy. In your case, this energy develops in the area of intimacy and sexual life and you can feel very good during this Saturday because you’ll have a greater knowledge of what your body needs to vibrate in harmony with sexuality and enjoy each fibre of your being to the fullest.

You’ll have a very favourable encounter with another person that you thought you couldn’t expect anything from. Relationships are nurtured from these moments so you should try not to think too much and surrender to joy and the unexpected.


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Your wishes regarding your finances and possessions will be simple. Your attention will be focused on collecting money you’ve lent different people. It’ll be hard you but you may be lucky and the stars might accompany you today. The person with whom you have to negotiate will be sensible and you can reach a clear agreement regarding the debt.

During the afternoon, you’ll receive a gift that will surprise you. A family legacy will come to your hands so that you take care of it so that you become the holder of an ancestral treasure. You could feel like a millionaire, and there are things that are worth more than gold. The shared values of the family constitute a magnificent gift for you and the future of your offspring.


You’ll wake up with some discomfort in your neck Capricorn. Because the planetary alignments exhibit a strong tendency to muscle problems and tension. Therefore, you should ask for a good massage. Don’t forget the power of warm water to relieve the symptoms of muscle tension. Remember that a walk by the sea or an hour of swimming in the pool can avoid the need to take painkillers.