Capricorn Daily Horoscope |



Sundays are special days, when most people rest, sleep in, take lovely walks in the park, or meet their family. Capricorns are no different, as you will make the most of today and relax. 

Venus is still positioned in your sign which inspires you to feel more loving and tender and appreciate the beautiful things in life more. 

You have a day full of affection and strong emotions ahead; you will meet your family and enjoy some quality time with them. 



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This Sunday, money or your economy is not on your mind at all, however, you will have good news regarding properties, family homes, or family objects which have been estranged and will be given to you for safe keeping. 

You're very capable of taking care of all the projects you're managing and this is something everyone has noticed. That's why you have been given the task of safeguarding the family's possessions, something that gives you great pride. 

The lucky number for today is 89, make sure you follow the signals. 



Be careful when trying food you're not used to; your sensitivity to certain types of food might cause an allergic reaction. 

Take good care of your skin, natives will struggle to keep warm and protected. 

You should try to eat food that won't irritate your stomach. So stay away from chocolate, seafood, dry fruit, and spicy dishes among others. Pay attention to the metals on your belt or clothes, as they might cause an allergic reaction. 

Drink plenty of liquids and keep an eye out on your skin for irritations, red spots, or peeling.