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Today you will use an amulet that will help you gain more confidence and allow you to sustain the love of your life over time. Should you be single, this lucky charm will help you find the special someone that will make your heart beat faster. 

A useful amulet is pink quartz and rhodochrosite. You can carry a small piece of either of these stones in your pocket or bag, and it will protect you and strengthen your romantic liaisons. 

You will have a great desire to share your feelings with those close to you and to listen to their stories. Coming face to face with the good and bad parts of your emotions will bring you closer to your love. 

The Moon's position in Pisces will influence you to display more affection than you're typically used to. 


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Today you feel like letting yourself go and not worrying about mundane things. You're not very sure about how the day will unfold, and you have little energy and interest to investigate any further.  

This, however, is not normal behavior from you Capricorn. You know you're the one responsible for your work and that no one will come and sort out your life. 

In the evening you will receive a piece of disturbing news. Find the comfort of friendship to help you cope with the shock; it will be easier to process if you're with someone who cares about you. 


Perhaps it's time you had a blood test and checked your cholesterol levels. 

High cholesterol is one of the silent enemies that could attack you when you least expect it.

You could improve your health by walking a few kilometers each day and lowering your fat intake. Remember that leading a sedentary life is taking its toll on you. Walking helps both your body and your mind by releasing stress and increasing oxygen levels in the brain.