Capricorn Daily Horoscope |




To alleviate the critical situation that may arise in your love life, you should stop a second to assess your weaknesses and the way you usually react when things don’t go as expected. This way you’ll have the necessary time to apologise if necessary or show some repentance.

You can’t go through life scaring everyone off with your serious face. Fortunately, throughout the afternoon you’ll be more willing to be nice. Most of the people you meet will see you like a sexy person and you’ll have the opportunity to repair any problems that you’ve generated during the first hours of the day.

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One of the priorities in your calendar today will be to change the way you present yourself to people from whom you require favours since your usually serious face won’t get you more than respect and some distance, Capricorn.

The way you communicate will be put in check during today. You’ll have to listen to yourself and evaluate if this is really how you want to be known or if you’d prefer to be softer and more pleasant. Take the opportunity to be in the company of people who appreciate you and who use other more convincing tactics to achieve their goals.

Life always brings another opportunity! Having failed in the past doesn’t matter so much as the energy and desire you have to start over in the present do. This way you guarantee that achievements are yours, Capricorn.


If you’ve taken the initiative to exercise on a regular basis, don’t let laziness win. It’s, of course, easier to stay on the couch watching TV with a coffee in one hand and a cake in the other. You deserve a break. But it isn’t the best way to treat your body. Try splitting the time between a vigorous walk and your favourite television show.