Capricorn Daily Horoscope |



The chances of having an unfortunate encounter in a public place are high. If you go to the park or to the cinema with your partner, be ready to tell a true story but with enough emotional distance so you don’t start a new problem and end up ruining your Sunday.

If jealousy is a big part of your relationship, start thinking if that’s what you want or if you need to urgently find a therapist who can guide you. The only thing that comes from this characteristic is problems.

Single goats can do their best to find a person who controls them through social media and who clearly doesn’t offer a healthy relationship in the future.


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The alignments of the planets show an ideal day to devote to releasing stagnant energy by removing all useless stuff from the house.

You can also try doing liberation rituals from the path of abundance: you could clean the floor with a mixture of vinegar, cinnamon and violet essential oils and a teaspoon of diluted honey. This floor solution will not only remove the dense energies but will attract new gains and improvements to your life.

Today’s lucky number for Capricorn is 49, which symbolises the path and the steps to follow to find the improvements you want in your life.



You probably feel you have a little more energy than you’ve had these past few days. That’s due to the good transit of Mars in harmony with your sun sign. This is more favourable for second position natives.

Make the most of this vigour and energy by going for a walk through nature or taking part in a friendly sporting event.  You’ll enjoy it.