Capricorn Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



Mars in Libra won’t make life easy for the natives of the first position, so if your birthday is during the last days of December, get ready for the energy of this planet.

There’s a lot of movement and energy, some arguments or friction could irritate you and lead you to think about walking away. However, you’ll be surprised by passionate reconciliation and impulsive behaviours today.

You have to get started and seek to solve your problems. Consider your position and consider whether you could find a more positive way of communicating instead of seeking to be right.

Single natives will be very active and seductive. Shyness will be relegated and will show a very sexy profile that will attract more than one candidate.

Relationships are fast, they can begin and finish in a short time Capricorn.

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You have a winning impulse that will lead you to decide based on new business.

It’s a good time to start projects or investments that could be crazy or different from traditional ones.

The risk you run is wasting money on buying items that aren’t entirely necessary at the moment.

Your lucky number for today is 101. In angelic numerology, this number tells you to do your thing and then release the tension and allow the energy to accommodate without pressure or trouble.


If something is bothering you, you have any pain or discomfort don’t just let it be. Visit a specialist and look for solutions Capricorn. Ignoring a symptom isn’t positive because you lose freedom and energy.

Your body is your vehicle to make all your dreams come true and it has to feel light and complete.

At the end of the day, you’ll feel somewhat tired and you’ll have to go to sleep somewhat earlier than you usually do.