Capricorn Daily Horoscope for April 11

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The moon is in your complementary opposite sign, Cancer, and offers you a greater sensitivity to others. You’ll feel somewhat sensitive, and you’ll start crying at the slightest gesture or word. Don’t worry, it’s a feeling that’ll pass soon.

Love will knock on your door and you’ll fall into the arms of a person from your past who’s close to your family. An acquaintance whom you’ve watched with love for years. Be careful as it could be a temporary relationship and they could break your heart.

It’s a sentimental promise that dates back a long time and that’s why it will move you. If you’re committed to someone else, don’t risk it if you’re not sure.

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The problems you have with a person in the office or in your workplace can be solved if you use solutions that involve an emotional tone and understanding. You won’t find another way at the moment and you should take advantage of it since it will help you in the future to find the kindest way.

Kindness is something that you’re having to learn to practice facing all kinds of situations. The natives of your sign are known for their seriousness and even their dry or somewhat sour character but during these days of Venus in Pisces, you will have to learn to be kinder and more empathetic. This change will open new doors when it comes to your finances.


If the way you eat and your routines are good for you should not let yourself get carried away by the criticism of people who follow other diets or habits.

Don’t get dragged into fashions that aren’t practical or don’t feel good. Each person has their own way of doing things and you should do your own thing without guilt or the need to give explanations or justify your choices. It's about living and letting live.