Capricorn Daily Horoscope |


The moon has entered your part of the zodiac and that’s something that always brings you a time of greater contact with your emotions and the most intimate feelings.

You may participate in a family reunion today that will bring you the best feelings and memories of your childhood. Enjoying these sensations will lead you to enjoy more pleasant and tender relationships.

Those who are at the beginning of a relationship shouldn’t stop being excited about building a great road that leads them in the direction of what they have always dreamed of.

Have you been distanced from a very dear person for a long time Capricorn? Today is an excellent day to get in touch and get closer without fear. Enjoying the little joys of life will show you that nothing is insurmountable.


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If they offer you help for any material need that you’re currently experiencing, don’t refuse it. Of course, someone with the ability to work that characterises you and your self-sufficiency gets hurt or bothered when they have to accept that they haven’t been able to do everything alone.

Whether it’s because of something very important or simply to start a new path, accepting help will be very positive for you since you can enjoy the feeling of being contained by someone. Understanding weakness makes you stronger, Capricorn. Don't be afraid to show yourself vulnerable.


This Sunday there are none of the planetary alignments that usually define health problems for the natives of your sign. Therefore you should enjoy an optimal state without news or unusual symptoms.

Caring for your muscles and joints is an obligation and you shouldn’t abandon your physical activity or replace it with other distractions that don’t help your health.

Doing group sports can be very positive for your psyche and your body this season.