Capricorn Daily Horoscope |



Stop being jealous and paranoid; this doubt you're feeling has no rhyme or reason; your hostility is unjustified. 

It's not fair to take out your frustration with certain people on your loved ones, especially since they're always there for you no matter how grumpy you are. 

Try and communicate your affection more to your loved ones. Don't you think that it's time to stop being in such a bad mood all the time? If you don't believe us, or anyone for that matter, try recording yourself and then play it back to see how imperative you sound. Try a softer approach. 


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You're going through a rough patch financially, Capricorn, but don't let his get in the way of other professional opportunities. 

Today is a special day for all the zodiac signs; however, those born in the last decan of Capricorn will experience more tension. This will make them more liable to make rash decisions that they might regret. 

Ask for guidance from your angels, let them lead you into a calmer more peaceful atmosphere. Things are not always what they seem, and what you're feeling today may not be real. Give it some days and see if things go back to how they were. 


Today's mood might affect your digestion, so take care of your stomach seeing that stress affects it the most. Anxiety is one of the causes of gastritis or dyspepsia. 

Control your emotions as much as you can and stay away from irritant food. Red meat, sausages, alcoholic drinks, and smoking are all factors that can hurt your stomach.